Book Review: Sally Thorne’s “The Hating Game”

Let’s be clear, I tend to avoid romance novels. In fact, I don’t think I’ve read a full on romance since I was teenager and hopelessly obsessed with Divergent, the Mortal Instruments, the Gallagher Girls series, and – of course – Twilight, which I honestly read about 20 times. I still have my rather beatenContinue reading “Book Review: Sally Thorne’s “The Hating Game””

Book Review: C J Tudor’s “The Taking of Annie Thorne”

I brought this book at the same time as The Chalk Man, which I read around 2 months ago now. Eventually, I have made my way back round to its buddy The Taking of Annie Thorne, the book that actually made me buy them both in the first place, but somehow was read second… Naturally,Continue reading “Book Review: C J Tudor’s “The Taking of Annie Thorne””

Book Review: Elizabeth Macneal’s “Circus of Wonders”

Like most people with this book, I brought it mainly because the cover was so visually pleasing – which I can admit in retrospect. With striking gold against black and a circus-style emerald striped pattern, it stood out from the shelf and drew me in. From the blurb, it certainly didn’t seem like it wouldContinue reading “Book Review: Elizabeth Macneal’s “Circus of Wonders””

Book Review: Sharon Bolton’s “The Split”

In an effort to get through my rather lengthy ‘to be read’ list at the moment, I seem to be alternating between light-hearted, not-too-much-brain-power-is-required reads and – of course – thrillers. Following up from the relaxing Yours Cheerfully, I decided to dive into The Split, one that has been on my shelf for a whileContinue reading “Book Review: Sharon Bolton’s “The Split””

Book Review: A J Pearce’s “Yours Cheerfully”

Initially picking this book up due to the pretty floral edges, blush pink front cover, and lovely old typewriter on the front – shallow I know – I actually finished this book quite a few days ago now, making this the longest intermission I’ve had between finishing a book and writing a review on it!Continue reading “Book Review: A J Pearce’s “Yours Cheerfully””

Book Review: Glendy Vanderah’s “The Light Through the Leaves”

Having finished the witty, light-hearted joys of The Thursday Murder Club, I decided for my next book I was more inclined towards a thought-provoking, heavy novel. One I had been putting off for a while immediately came into mind: The Light Through the Leaves. Having read a couple of glowing reviews for her previous novelContinue reading “Book Review: Glendy Vanderah’s “The Light Through the Leaves””

Book Review: Richard Osman’s “The Thursday Murder Club”

I had read mixed reviews on this book, but – in fairness – there were plenty of reviews. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the top 10, maybe even top 5, books that have cropped-up on my bookstagram since it’s release in early September last year. Honestly, there seemed to be no escaping it forContinue reading “Book Review: Richard Osman’s “The Thursday Murder Club””

Book Review: B A Paris’ “The Therapist”

I picked this book up from the newly-released fiction shelf in Waterstones, drawn to the ominous title and striking cover, intrigued by an author I hadn’t yet encountered. After reading the blurb, I was tickled by a familiarity to Harlan Coben’s “Safe”, which I binge-watched on Netflix, enthralled by the heightened suspicion and toxic intrusivenessContinue reading “Book Review: B A Paris’ “The Therapist””

Book Review: Sarah Penner’s “The Lost Apothecary”

Disclaimer: While I have avoided any spoilers, I have mentioned some themes and the odd vague detail! Despite my haphazard pronunciation, I did have an idea of the meaning of “apothecary” when I added this title to my amazon basket – a dispenser of medicines, or in this case – as I learnt after readingContinue reading “Book Review: Sarah Penner’s “The Lost Apothecary””

Book Review: Lisa Jewell’s “Invisible Girl”

Rather shockingly (and shamefully in retrospect), I had not yet read a Lisa Jewell book before this one, despite many being on my ‘to-read’ list and the fountain of positive feedback I’d heard from other reviewers. There are so many talented thriller authors currently; I find it difficult to both keep-up and catch-up! Without knowingContinue reading “Book Review: Lisa Jewell’s “Invisible Girl””