Book Review: Harlan Coben’s “Just One Look”

Now, I’m fully aware this isn’t a recent release… Published in 2004, by all accounts I would have only been 6 when this first hit the shelves, and that book review (hopefully) wouldn’t have had much on this one (again, hopefully – I can only hope my writing now is a little better than myContinue reading “Book Review: Harlan Coben’s “Just One Look””

Book Review: Harlan Coben’s “Win”

A little disclaimer: Although I will avoid divulging any huge spoilers or integral twists to the plot (I won’t be going into any great detail), this review will undoubtedly include a brief summary of what the book was about and my thoughts on it. So, if you’re planning on reading this book, and want toContinue reading “Book Review: Harlan Coben’s “Win””