Book Review: C J Tudor’s “The Taking of Annie Thorne”

I brought this book at the same time as The Chalk Man, which I read around 2 months ago now. Eventually, I have made my way back round to its buddy The Taking of Annie Thorne, the book that actually made me buy them both in the first place, but somehow was read second… Naturally,Continue reading “Book Review: C J Tudor’s “The Taking of Annie Thorne””

Book Review: C. J. Tudor’s “The Chalk Man”

Wandering around Waterstones – just about the only reason I would leave my Pudding alone these days – I happened across this book. Well, a different book by the same author actually caught my eye first, “The Taking of Annie Thorne”, the striking origami-style paper-doll chain printed along the edges of the pages in vividContinue reading “Book Review: C. J. Tudor’s “The Chalk Man””